Ezi Synthetic Turf's warranty

Ezi Synthetic Turf are Perth’s synthetic turf specialists
at competitive prices.

1. Ezi Synthetic Turf warrants its synthetic turf against ultraviolet degradation and  abnormal wear for a period of 7 years for landscape turfs and 5 years for sports turfs from the date of supply or install. 1 year install warranty also applies.

2. No additional warranties or modifications to this warranty can be affected by employees, distributors and agents of Ezi Synthetic Turf.

3. This warranty does not apply if the products are used for any application other than as recommended by Ezi Synthetic Turf, nor to any damage incurred during installation, hiring, DIY or repairs and shall not apply if any defect is caused by:

a) Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence, incorrect installation during DIY;
b) Normal wear and tear;
c) Use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment;
d) Use of incorrect chemicals, herbicides or pesticides;
e) Use of incorrect cleaning methods
f) Shrinkage of synthetic turf is a natural by product. Ezi Synthetic Turf recommends cutting and joining of the synthetic turf does not occur in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.
g) During installation, 12kgs of silica sand must be used every square metre of synthetic turf.
h) Do not install within 400mm of glass fencing and/or reflective surfaces which intensify heat radiation causing damage to synthetic turf.
i) Cutting and inspection of the turf is the responsibility of the purchaser.

4. Ezi Synthetic Turf liability under the above, and under any other written warranty given by Ezi Synthetic Turf, and for any breach of term or condition as referred to above, shall be limited to either replacing or repairing the products — as agreed by Ezi Synthetic Turf.
Labour is not covered under this warranty.

5. Any claims regarding the products which do not relate to ultraviolet degradation (defined as 50% of mechanical strength) must be made within 80 days of receipt of the product.

6. All hired synthetic turf will be inspected before and after use; any damage caused will be charged to the hirer at the full rate per meter squared.

7. Ezi Synthetic Turf reserves the right to alter these warranty conditions at their discretion.

8. Ezi Synthetic Turf accepts no responsibility for faulty workmanship in the DIY process.

For any questions please email freequote@ezisyntheticturf.com.au