Why Synthetic Turf

All the benefits of using Ezi Synthetic Turf

General benefits

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Very low maintenance
Reduce carbon emissions from mowing, weed-eating, and edging

Save money
Whether it’s a front lawn or back lawn, sporting or public area, the savings on lawn maintenance, and irrigation makes Ezi Synthetic Turf a smart investment, best of all there are no ongoing costs.

Save time
Installing Ezi Synthetic Turf will save a huge amount of time for many years to come. When all the elements of traditional grass maintenance are considered, there’s really no other choice but Ezi Synthetic Turf!

Looks great
Ezi Synthetic Turf  helps your living space look lush, green and natural, though every season and every day.

Ezi Synthetic Turf sets a new standard for combining exceptional quality with value pricing.

Beautiful natural grass appearance – no matter the season or weather

Child and pet Friendly

Amazing durability and drainage – better than natural grass

No pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides, or fungicides

No watering

Residential & Commercial benefits

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  • The absolute best golf practice at home
  • True ball roll
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations
  • Increased curb appeal and property value


  • Superior Durability and Superior Drainage
  • Controls erosion
  • No fading or mildewing
  • Increased curb appeal and property value


  • Long-term safety for children
  • Soft non-abrasive surface
  • No dirt inside the house
  • Deters bugs and pests


  • Own a dog and have a beautiful lawn
  • No discolouring or burning of grass due to pet waste
  • Liquids quickly drain through, solids easily lifted and hosed away
  • Pets won’t track dirt inside
  • No harmful pesticides

Allergy Free

Synthetic grass does not produce or harbour air born allergens. It is also resistant to mould development. Stopping air born spores before they form. Normal contact will not upset even the most sensitive skin. A great alternative to allergen and bacteria laden natural grass.